Fantastic Stories For Kids To Read In 2020 – Story Of Lazy Horse & Girl

Fantastic Stories For Kids
Fantastic Stories For Kids

Fantastic Stories For Kids – Story Of Lazy Horse & Girl

in a land far away lived a hard-working and kind trader mostly he traded in salt .he also had a horse that was very lazy and always avoided work the trader used him to carry sacks of salt from one town to the other here let me load these sacks up and let’s go to the town across the river to sell this salt i am so tired today why do i have to work every day i wish i could sleep throughout the day but no i have to carry these loads of salt and move

(Fantastic Stories For Kids)

come on horse start walking cross that bridge until then i’ll pack some food for myself the horse was crossing the river suddenly he slipped and fell into the water .as he was carrying sacks of salt on his back the salt got wet and dissolved in the water .

Fantastic Stories For Kids
Fantastic Stories For Kids

so when the horse got up the sacks on his back were lighter the horse thought to himself wow this seems to be a good idea every time.

i tip in the river the salt would dissolve

and my burden could be less

i must try doing this more often

i hope master is not watching

Fantastic Stories For Kids To Read In 2020

when the master reached the town to sell

the salt it weighed just half of what he loaded

thinking it might be his miscalculation

he sold whatever salt was left

and returned home with his horse

Fantastic Stories For Kids
Fantastic Stories For Kids

the next morning he again loaded his


with the sacks of salt


and started to pack his food

the horse yet again started walking

before him


and made it to the bridge i must try

the dipping trick again before master

reaches here

[Music] [Music]


[Music] [Applause]

the trader got really confused

as the sacks started weighing lesser

every time

[Music] [Applause]

the horse purposely started slipping

into the water every day

so that the sacks became lighter

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one day the trader followed the horse

[Music] [Applause]

and hid in the bushes

to his surprise he noticed the horse’s



oh that’s so cunning i must teach this

lazy horse a lesson soon

so the following day instead of salt

the trader filled the sacks with cotton

and tied him to the horse’s back

out of his new habit the horse purposely

fell into the river

oh no no what is happening today

what is going wrong how are these sacks

getting heavier

oh my back hurts what

this time as the sacks were filled with


it soaked water and became heavier


the horse dipped again and again in


thinking to drain the salt off somehow

but all went in pain

he somehow managed to get up

and cross the bridge

he sat on the ground and panted as the


had gotten really really heavy

the trader laughed at him and said

horse i am your master this is

your work i work very hard and

worship my work i don’t make excuses

or find tricks to fool others and

avoid work i must teach you

to never repeat this and avoid your work

the horse learnt his lesson and never

tried to avoid his work



what a wise trader

right tofu he taught the lazy horse

a good lesson

come let me give you the big bitter


for your hand


but hey i can see it’s totally fine now

maybe you have forgotten about the pain

tia i never had any pain i just wanted

to sit

and watch cartoons i was the lazy horse



i am sorry tia i’m really worried about

my teachers holding me tomorrow

(Fantastic Stories For Kids)

here take your books tofu i

also was the trader today i just wanted

you to learn a lesson


now you should promise me that you will

always do your work

and yes i will help you with your


oh thank you tia please

let’s finish my homework quickly i don’t

want to be lazy

at all i will always

finish all my work before doing anything

else i promise you that

[Music] [Applause] [Music]

tofu what are you doing uh

cleaning no you’re not

you’re just piling up the glasses and

making a tower out of them

ah okay i don’t understand why we must


all the cleaning oh dear

stop being so lazy tofu i am not being


i just think that it is not my job to be


i don’t want to get dirty again

you know you sound like the lazy girl

the who


once upon a time there lived an old


they had two daughters one each from

their previous


but the woman behaved terribly with her

husband’s daughter

[Laughter] [Music]

one day she threw her out of the house

get out of this house go find a wealthy

man and find some work in his house

don’t come back till you have earned

some money

and so the girl took off

as she walked she came upon an old

dried tree

girl where are you going i am going to

look for a wealthy house to work

in and earn some money


okay but before you go can you please

take off the dry twigs from me

the girl agreed and spent a long time

carefully cleaning the tree

of its dried sticks and twigs

(Fantastic Stories For Kids)

once she was done she continued her



as she walked on she came upon a



an old wine called out to her

girl where are you going can you help me

i am going to look for a wealthy house

to work in and earn some money

but yes i surely can help you before i

go she carefully cleaned the vineyard

and helped the old vine

(Fantastic Stories For Kids)

once she was done she continued her


[Applause] [Music]

as she walked on she saw a broken mud

oven young girl what are you doing here

i am on my way for work and earn some


before you go will you help me

the girl agreed and set to work

she cleaned the area around the oven got

some mud ready and

fixed the oven as good as new

as she did that she got mud and dirt all

over her

but she didn’t mind once she was done

she set on her way


as she walked she came upon an old well

the well called out to her

hello girl where are you going

i am going in search for work

work is it okay before you go can you


take out my water and clean me up

the girl happily agreed

she tirelessly emptied the well and

cleaned it

once she was done she went back on the


as she walked a dirty little dog

approached her

(Fantastic Stories For Kids)

help can you please help me i am very


will you give me a bath please

yes why not

the girl washed the dog and patiently

cut its hair

then she went ahead in search of work

as she walked she came upon a beautiful


it belonged to the fairies

she went inside


i need a place to stay for the night can

i please stay here

i will leave in the morning where are

you going

i am going in search of work

if you want to work then you can work

here for a year

you can keep our house clean it has

seven rooms

you will have to clean six of them but

you must never

enter the seventh one

the girl agreed

for a whole year she worked in the

fairy’s home

and did exactly as they told


at the end of the year she wanted to go


i want to go back to my village to my

parents house

okay but first follow me

(Fantastic Stories For Kids)

she took her to a room full of silver

and gold coins


you should sleep here on these silver

and gold coins

the coins that get stuck on you will

belong to you

and you can take them with you

the girl did as told


she spent the night sleeping over the



many gold and silver coins got stuck to

her body

when morning came she said her goodbyes

and left for her home

as she was walking the little dog that

she had helped

came to her come on with me

come come with me

the girl went with it

the dog took her to place with piles of

diamonds and pearls

take as much as you want

the girl took as much as she wanted and



as she walked she reached the well that

she had cleaned

come girl you must be thirsty have some

of my water

oh thank you very much i am very thirsty


the girl satisfied her thirst and walked


she reached the mud oven that she had


she saw many delicious foods there

the oven offered her to eat whatever she



she ate some

(Fantastic Stories For Kids)

and packed some for the rest of her



she walked on ahead then

she reached the vineyard

dear girl come have some wine

the girl drank some delicious wine


and walked on towards her home

she now came upon the tree it was full

of delicious

fruits hello again dear girl

here you can take as much fruit as you


[Music] [Music]

the girl ate some delicious fruits and

packed some to take home with her

then she got on her way again

(Fantastic Stories For Kids)

soon she reached home the house rooster


her coming and called out the mistress

is home

look how much golden gems she’s brought

with her


this made the mother very angry


what nonsense this is nothing now wait

and see how much my daughter will learn

the mother now sent her own daughter to

find work

and earn a lot of money


the girl started her journey

and soon came upon the tree which was

once again dry


girl where are you going i am going to

look for a wealthy house to walk in

and earn some money okay but before you

go can you please take off the dry twigs

from me

no i don’t want to spoil my soft pretty


picking the dry sticks of you

(Fantastic Stories For Kids)

the girl walked on

and came upon the vineyard the old wine

called out to her

girl where are you going can you help me

i have to go find work and earn money i

have no time to help you

the girl once again went on her way till

she came

upon the broken mud oven


dear girl can you please help me

i don’t want to get dirty in the mud i

can’t help you

and again the girl refused to help and

moved on


she now approached the well


i need help can you please clean me

i have to go and find work cleaning you

will tire me

and i don’t want to get tired the girl

hurried away from the well

as she did so the little dirty dog

approached her i’ve become so

dirty can you please give me a bath and

do something about my hair

please ah no

if i touch you i will become dirty

look at those dirty flies in your hair

and so the girl ignored the dog’s plea

and went on her way

after some time she came upon the

fairy’s house

she went in

(Fantastic Stories For Kids)

i need a place to stay for the night can

i stay here

where are you going i am going in search

of work

if you want you can work here for a year

there are seven rooms in this house you

will have to clean

six of them and you must never never

enter the seventh room the girl agreed

and started working for the ferries

for a few days she did as told

but one day she decided to sneak into

the seventh room

(Fantastic Stories For Kids)

the room was dark

but she went in anyway as soon as she

entered it

the door closed behind her

and bugs and insects of a variety


and bit her everywhere

she ran out of the room hurt and


i told you never to enter the seventh


i will not stay here another moment i

am leaving the girl took to the road

running her head dirty

hands legs and face bleeding and bruised

she came upon the little dog and asked

for help

please help me you never helped me

why should i help you now

the dog barked at her and chased her


she ran till she reached the old well

she was thirsty with all the running she

quickly tried to reach in for a cup of


but the well took away all its waters

when i asked you for help you refused

i cannot help you now go away

disappointed the girl went back on the


(Fantastic Stories For Kids)

she kept walking on till she saw the mud


delicious and tempting foods lay over

hungry the little girl reached out to

one of the pies to eat it

but the oven started throwing flames out

and the girl couldn’t reach the food

you refused to help me when i needed

your help

i will not help you now go away

the girl continued her journey home

she was very thirsty hungry and tired

she reached the vineyard hoping she will

get some wine


she reached out but the old vine did not

let her touch



the girl was forced to leave the

vineyard and go


(Fantastic Stories For Kids)

she now reached the tree it was full of


yummy fruits she tried to pluck one

hold it

you didn’t want to spoil your hands when

i needed your help

you cannot have any of my fruits now go


the girl walked to her home

as she approached the house the rooster

saw her the mistress has come home

covered in blood and dirt what

how is that possible


the woman saw her beloved daughter in

her poor state

she turned to her husband

i agree my daughter didn’t earn any


your daughter earned everything

but the man was so upset with the

woman’s terrible behavior towards his

daughter that he threw her and her lazy


out of his house

i get a feeling that being lazy can be

fun for now

but bad for later i wonder what made you

change your mind tofu

well let’s just say all this work around

(Fantastic Stories For Kids)





slow and steady

wins the race


slow and steady

wins the race

what happened tofu what is it that

you’re thinking

yes tia i am not able to understand how

can a person win the race if he’s slow

and yet steady there is a very famous

story behind this

should i tell you that first


(Fantastic Stories For Kids)

the hair and the tortoise


long ago in a forest

a small get-together of animals was




you know what i can beat anyone

in this forest nobody can beat me

in a race

yes i have seen him running

i bet he can beat anyone

in this forest

suddenly from the crowd they hear




why are you laughing

you think you can beat me in a race


i may not disagree with you or mr hare

but i might not deny that i have no fear


competing with you

oh really so let’s have a race

and let’s see who wins

so one fine sunny day all the animals

gathered for the race

everybody was sure that the hare

is gonna be a clear-cut winner

(Fantastic Stories For Kids)

may the best man win and that is me

set the hair proudly


now let’s go old man i’ll beat you

in a second


the hair runs so fast that all the

things on the path

go for a spin

(Fantastic Stories For Kids)

on the other hand the tortoise is

running too

but at such a pace that even snails

could pass by him


suddenly the hair stops and looks behind

oh my lord that tortoise is gonna take

ages to reach this point

so let’s just stop here and take some


by the time he reaches here i would get

good rest and then cover him up in a

blink of a second

(Fantastic Stories For Kids)

in the meanwhile the tortoise slowly

and steadily reaches the point where the


is fast asleep he very quietly

tiptoes past the hair and the hair is

all ignorant of this fat

suddenly the hair gets up by the rose of

the crowd

cheering up the toy toys go to toys go

go tour toys

oh my lord how is that possible

i kept on sleeping for so long that the

tortoise is about to finish the race

he runs and runs and runs

but to his disappointment the tortoise


manages to finish the race before he


(Fantastic Stories For Kids)



in the story the hare was so full of


he was overconfident that he would

surely beat the tortoise in the race

because he is faster than that poor

being in

every other way but

but the hare underestimated the tortoise

and succumbed in his own fake over


yes and that’s why only a person

who thinks calmly and is not over


of himself wins the race in every sphere

of life proud people

can’t survive for long


for your favorite rhymes stories and more.

(Fantastic Stories For Kids)

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