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a very long time ago there lived a mighty lion in a day he went to the river to drink water but his leg got stuck in the thick slushy mud of the riverbank no matter how much he tried his leg wouldn’t come out he called out for help but alas there was none and so he remained stuck in the mud after a few days a kind jackal came to the same spot of the river to drink water he saw the lion stuck in the mud your majesty are you all right no jackal I am stuck in the mud.I cannot move I have been here for days.

Kids Hut Stories

now give me a moment your majesty let me see what i can do the jackal quickly crossed over to the riverside where the lion was stuck with his paws he dug out the mud where the lion’s leg was cut.

I think your leg should be free now.please try and come out the lion tried to move but he couldn’t.his leg had become stiff after being in the same position for so many days.

seeing this the jackal made more efforts to free the lion. he pushed him and pulled him till he .finally came out of the mud .the lion was very happy to be able to move freely after so many days.

Kids Hut Stories

thank you kind jackal you have saved me .you are welcome your majesty .now i must get back home where will you go why don’t you come and stay with me you’ve saved me and now you are my friend for life’

the jackal accepted the lions offer and both grew their own families but they continued to live together and hunt together their children would even play together.

but the lioness did not like the friendship between the jackal and the lion and she conveyed the same to the lady jackal the lioness told me that the lion does not want us to live here with him.

Kids Hut Stories

and his family hearing this the jackal was very upset and went to see the lion i thought we were friends but if you did not want my family and me to live here with you.

you should have told me so instead you conveyed your message to me through the lioness and the lady jackal my friend i don’t know what you are talking about.

we are leaving no my friend don’t leave me and go i have not done anything of that sort i want you to stay with me the jackal understood what had happened.

i am sorry friend i understand your sincerity and love towards me i think i judged you too quickly.

it is not you who wants me gone but the lioness i shouldn’t live here any longer no you don’t have to go. (Kids Hut Stories)

i will speak to the lioness no don’t worry about it my family and i will live in another home but you and i will still remain friends (Kids Hut Stories).

it is best for both families though the lion was very sad he agreed and so the jackal made another home for himself and his family.

but his friendship with the lion remained they met every day went on hunts together and shared lives good and bad till the end of their lives.

the lioness didn’t like the jackal even though the lion and he were best friends and she knew that the jackal had saved the line once upon a time(Kids Hut Stories).

yeah that’s why i’m telling you tofu sometimes you may like someone very much but your family may not feel the same way about them.

oh i get it now let’s call cousin rob and others for one more slumber partyi promise i will behave better this time hey there you are hey tofu wait up what’s wrong with you.

i have been waiting for you for so long and here you are just walking past me without even saying hi (Kids Hut Stories).

i’m sorry tia i didn’t mean to be rude to you sometimes i just can’t understand my friends okay calm down and tell me what happened you know my friend Megan .

yes the shy one with the curly hair right the one who’s always helping you out with class notes and assignments yes isn’t she wonderful I think you should also help her out.

sometimes well that’s just what i did tia and she is so upset with me now she forgot her English assignment at home so I did some of it for her and asked her to complete it.

and submit it that’s she got so offended (Kids Hut Stories) she hasn’t said a word to me.

since then and she won’t answer me if I say something to her oh that’s strange but I don’t think she is the only one who is uncomfortable with people try to help what do.

you mean let me tell you the story of the shoemaker and the elves once upon a time there lived an old shoemaker he was an honest man but with very limited money.

he made really nice shoes but could not earn enough for himself and his wife (Kids Hut Stories) one night he was in his workshop when his wife came to him.

what are you doing dear i have this last piece of leather left i am just cutting it out we’ll make a pair of shoes out of it tomorrow is it the last piece .

what will we do there are no grains in the cupboard no wood for the fire and now no more leather don’t worry my darling something will work out the old couple finished.

their housework and before they went to sleep the shoemaker put the leather on his workbench the next morning he got up early to make a pair of shoes out of the leather.

he had kept to his surprise instead of the leather they lay a beautiful pair of shoes (Kids Hut Stories) he picked them up and observed them closely .

they were made out of the same leather that he had put out the night before he called his wife dear dear come see this what a lovely pair of shoes they are just perfect .

yes look at the stitches they are so tiny and spaced so perfectly but i didn’t make them you didn’t then who did i don’t know why would someone help us like this.

i can’t even think of anyone who can make such good shoes you make the best shoes i have ever seen and these are better than yours too i agree anyway .

let us not get carried away let us put them in the display window and hope that we can get some money for them .

just a few minutes after the shoemaker had put the shoes on the display a wealthy merchant stopped outside his door (Kids Hut Stories).

he paid a good sum for the shoes and bought them the shoemaker was very happy he went and bought food for the house with the remaining money.

he bought two pieces of leather when it was night his wife called out to him what are you doing it’s time for us to sleep yes dear i am just cutting out.

these leather pieces so i can stitch them into shoes tomorrow the next morning when the shoemaker and his wife came down to the workshop they were surprised to see.

two new pairs of shoes on the table where he had kept the leather pieces would you look at that these shoes are even more beautiful than the first pair .

let me put them up for sale and thank whoever is helping us out soon after the shoemaker had put up the two pairs of shoes for sale other wealthy men of the town came .

and bought them they paid a hefty price for them the shoemaker bought more food supplies and leather from the money he got again that night he cut the leather and kept it.

to stitch it in the morning the next morning he saw that the leather had been made into shoes again (Kids Hut Stories) and as soon as he put them up for sale.

they were bought in exchange of good money this went on for many days the shoemaker started doing well his business prospered and his shop would always be full with customers .

one night as they were closing the shop the shoemaker had an idea i cannot stop thinking about those who help us why don’t we hide behind the cupboard tonight .

and see who it is yes that’s a brilliant idea let’s hide and check out after some time they saw two elves enter the workshop through the crack in the window  .

they headed to the work bench and started making shoes from the leather  kept there although they were making these lovely shoes for the shoe maker.

they had no shoes on they wore torn shirts and very thin tights (Kids Hut Stories) they did their work carefully and left through the window again .

oh dear goodness such kind elves they are we must repay them yes when you go to the market tomorrow get me some nice cloth i will make clothes for a little helpers.

the next day the shoemaker got many fancy cloths and good leather while his wife made beautiful clothes for the elves he made soft shoes for them when night fell,

they placed the gifts for the elves on the table they also laid out delicious food and treats for them then they hid behind the cupboard again and waited for the elves to return.

when the elves came they were overjoyed to see the gifts and the delicious food (Kids Hut Stories) before the new clothes .it’s stomach full and went on to make shoes for the shoemaker .

once they were done they slipped out of the window i am so happy to see our little helpers happy yes and they looked so wonderful in the new clothes didn’t they tonightlet’s kee.

some more dinner ready for them what do you think yes dear that night the shoemaker and his wife again kept dinner for the elves but tonight they did not hide ,

behind the cupboard instead they went to sleep the next morning when they came to the workshop the shoemaker.

and his wife were disappointed to see that the dinner plates remained untouched (Kids Hut Stories) even the leather that the shoemaker had cut ou  .

and put on the table remained as it is i wonder what happened to them maybe they will come tonight yes let’s hope so the shoemaker and his wife again kept the food for the selves .

but were disappointed in the morning as the elves did not show up in the night they waited for the elves many nights but they never returned do you think they overheard us perhaps.

they did elves are  very shy creatures they usually like to be left alone what will happen to the shop now oh it will be fine i will miss my little helpers but i will manage.

the shoemaker went back to making the shoes himself his shop continued to prosper but he and his wife always remembered the elves and remained thankful to them for their help.

so you see tofu some people are willing to help but are too shy to take help from others yes tia i understand now also it doesn’t mean that you have to be angry with them.

you can be thankful to them in you heart thank you tia if you wouldn’t have shared this with me i think i would have lost a very good friend now when megan tells me.

she doesn’t want my help i will respect that more good to know that now let’s go home i am very hungry (Kids Hut Stories) what is the matter tofu i wanted to be the class leader tia .

but i didn’t win the poetry contest last week and today i accidentally dropped the fish bowl and it brok my teacher had to put the class fish into plastic bags and take them home.

oh yes i’m sure i won’t become the class leader now i’m sure no one in class likes me now hmm i understand why you feel like that tofu but don’t lose hope.

even the worst situations can lead to something nice i don’t think that can ever happen tia well it happened to the musicians of bremen musicians of brimmin .

what happened to them musicians of brimmin once upon a time a man had a donkey when the donkey grew old and sick the man decided to kill him and sell his skin .

the donkey understood his master’s plans and ran away and took the road to Bremen i will go to bremen and become a musician on his way he saw an old dog lying in the grass.

donk what are you doing here i have become so old i cannot gather the sheep for my master like i used to so my master beats me why don’t you come with me to brimming.

we will become musicians there the dog agreed and the two new friends continued their journey in some time they came upon a cat sitting by the road.

looking like the skies were about to come down on him cat what’s wrong with you why do you look so sullen it is my mistress i have grown old and cannot chase the mice like.

i used to so she has planned to get rid of me by drowning me in the river oh that’s not nice i have an idea the donkey and i are going to briment to become musicians .

why don’t you join us you can sing a jolly tune too the cat liked the idea very much and made his escape with his two new friends they had only walked a while when they came upon a he was singing

without a stop what is wrong with you this is not the off for you to sing well my mistress is having a big dinner party over and she has instructed the cook to cook me for a bowl of soup.

my head will be cut off this evening so i’m singing till my neck and throat are intact is that it we all are going to Bremen to become musicians why don’t you come with us .

after all you already know beets and tunes (Kids Hut Stories)mand so the party set forth on their journey to brimming which was still very far as night fell they felt tired and hungry.

we must find a spot to eat and rest fo the night everybody agreed and they decided to look for a place to spend the night in some time they came upon a lonely house.

its lights were lit and they could hear the sounds of a gathering from inside the cat climbed up a tree and peeped in from an open window it is a gang of robbers.

and they have delicious bread of meats and drinks before them i could use a couple of bones with some meat right now and i could with something to drink my throat is parched.

let us find a way to drive the robbers away the four friends huddled together and at last came up with a plan to drive the robbers away the donkey put his front feet on the ledge of the window,

and the dog climbed over his back the cat climbed on the dog and the flew on the top of the cat’s head once they were ready they all performed their music together.

the donkey braid the dog barked the cat mute and the cock-a-doodled the music was so loud that the windows of the house shook and threatened to come down upon the rubbles.

the robbers were scared by these unimaginable sounds and quickly flee from the house as soon as they were gone the four musicians took over the dining table.

and fed themselves full once they were done they switched off the lights and went to sleep i will sleep on the straw i will sleep by the door.

i will sleep upon the earth by the warmth of the fireplace i will sleep on this beam of the house soon they all fell asleep a little away from the house .

the robbers watched as the lights of the house went off we shouldn’t have been scared like this one of you go back in and tell us what is going on inside the house.

and so one of the men made his way back into the house the house was so dark and quiet that he went to the kitchen to strike a light.

but he mistook the cat’s shiny eyes for coal and put a burning match to the shocked by the attack the cat jumped on the robber and scratched his face.

this guard the robber and he ran towards the back of the door to find a way out of the house but in the dark he accidentally stepped on the dog that bit.

his leg all the commotion woke the and he came flying down to land on the robber’s head and cried ultimately the donkey kicked him out of the house with his hind legs.

the robber ran to the rest of the gang chief the house is haunted an evil witch lives there she scratched my face at the door stands a man with a knife .

he cut my leg in the backyard is a monster that hit me with a club and on the roofs, it’s a judge who screamed bring the knave up do hearing this the robbers got on their horses.

and left the house forever but everything went so well for the four musicians that they decided to live in that house forever (Kids Hut Stories).

and never made it to Bremen so you see tofu even when you think that nothing is working out all you have to do is keep trying and things will turn around thanks tia.

i always feel so much better after talking to you you’re always welcome tofu tia today jim and i had a fight oh that’s bad what happened i thought jim is your friend.

he was but today he did not support me on the poster competition concept i wanted to present to my teacher he thought that it might be too easy .

he is my friend he should have agreed with me instead of behaving like tom and ben who are always mean was he right (Kids Hut Stories) .

yes he was the idea was too easy but still he should have agreed with what i was saying oh emperor tofu that is very bad why are you calling me emperor.

because you are behaving like this emperor from my story once upon a time there lived an emperor he was not particularly smart or intelligent.

but because he was the emperor people feared him and always agreed with whatever he said (Kids Hut Stories) they used flattery to avoid his wrath.

and win his trust your majesty as always you are right your majesty, you have made the wisest decision possible because the emperor was so foolish.

he never understood the difference between an honest compliment and flattery he thought that his public loved him and that he was the best.

he lived in his ego and vanity one day his head minister who was truly a wise man disagreed with him in open court your majesty it is my humble suggestion that you hear.

the public’s troubles before increasing the tax burden further doing so will make you a more beloved king what are you saying, head minister.

do you mean that a wise king is not good enough the foolish king who was blinded by all the flattery and not used to people disagreeing with him also agreed (Kids Hut Stories).

yes head minister how dare you doubt my decision as punishment, i remove you from the position of head ministry disgraced by the events of the day .

the head minister went home sad (Kids Hut Stories) when he reached home he saw that his nephew who was a tailor had come to visit him from another town just like his uncle.

the nephew was a wise man the head minister told him what had happened in court don’t worry uncle one day emperor’s vanity shall crash the next day.

the nephew went to see the king he pretended to hold a piece of garment in his hand and said to the emperor your majesty, i have just returned from my travels around the world.

when i was in old market of persia i saw this beautiful piece of cloth and immediately thought of you i have brought it with me to make a new robe for you.

it is the most beautiful cloth ever made the emperor could not see the cloth but his ego did not allow him to confess it he looked at the remaining ministers and asked them.

what they think of the cloth the ministers couldn’t see the cloth either but decided to lie to the emperor again it is very beautiful sir yes i agree it will look fantastic on .

you though the king could not see the cloth he thought that since his ministers thought that it would look very nice on him he would go ahead and order for it .

yes it is beautiful indeed go ahead Taylor make the most beautiful rope that you have ever made i will wear it for my birthday parade which is 10 days from now .

yes, your majesty, you will have it on your birthday and so the fateful day came it was the emperor’s birthday the tailor went to the palace early morning pretending to hold a robe in his hand.

throughout the behaved like he was carrying something beautiful and delicate (Kids Hut Stories) here is your robe since it is a delicate material it is best not to wear anything under.

i the emperor agreed and took off his underclothes the nephew went on to pretend as if he was helping the emperor wear the rope just then the king’s two favorite ministers.

came into his chambers they were shocked to see the emperor stand like that without any clothes on how does my robe look ministers (Kids Hut Stories).

you look so handsome your majesty majesty you are looking very nicestill unable to see the robe himself the king believed what his ministers had told him and ordered .

the parade to start the whole kingdom had gathered for the emperor’s birthday and had lined up on the streets to see his new robe but just as the king appeared in public.

without any clothes on the crowd fell silent everybody was wondering what had happened to the emperor but no one dared to say a thing they just stared at him as.

he made a complete fool of himself till one small child call out to his mother look mom the emperor is not wearing any clothing no longer able to contain itself.

the entire crowd burst into peels of laughter they held their stomach and pointed at the emperor as they made fun of him the emperor looked at the guilty faces of.

his ministers and the sad face of his head minister who was upset to see the king being made fun of the emperor understood how foolish he had been and what his mistake had been

Kids Hut Stories In English | Bedtime Tales For Kids

he fired the two ministers (Kids Hut Stories) and reinstated the head minister from then on when anyone gave him a compliment he humbly listened to it and absorbed.

it only if it was genuine with the honest guidance of his head minister he went on to become a truly great emperor for his people ouch dia.

I think I had become the egoistic emperor I owe an apology to my friend Jim what do you think yes and you also need to learn to accept feedback.

and not get carried away by compliments yes tia but I just wish you a good night, for now, good night tofu for your favorite rhymes stories, and more.

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