Kids Stories -Story Of 1 Mouse, Pied Piper & Musicians

Kids Stories
Kids Stories

Kids Stories -Story Of Mouse, Pied Piper & Musicians

congratulations tia ,i heard a librarian miss peters has asked you to help her in the library after school every day instead of just the weekend and i hear you will get paid for it also thanks tofu but i have politely declined .her generous offer why tia think of all the money you will get you won’t have to rely upon the pocket money that mom and dad give you you can buy so many things with so much money tia yes that’s true tofu but if i spend so much time at the library daily i won’t have time to study or spend with you nobody makes a decision like that tia well maybe i am like the country mouse hat did the country mouse do let me tell you. (Kids Stories)

once a town mouse visited his cousin a country mouse for lunch welcome cousin it is so good to see you they enjoyed a simple meal of fresh chicken weed stock and refreshing cold water after that the mice sat for hours and told each other stories from their lives.

Kids Stories
Kids Stories

when it was night time they slept under

the starry sky

and were awakened by the gentle warmth

of the morning sun

they continued talking over breakfast

till it was time for the town mouse to


cousin thank you for the lovely time

why don’t you come with me and spend

time in the town with me

the country mouse was so impressed

with the stories she had heard of the


in the town that she readily agreed

and left with her cousin

(Kids Stories)

by the time they reached the town


house in the town it was afternoon

and they were both very hungry

the country mouse smelled lovely aroma

of the food left over in the dining room

where humans had just finished their


(Kids Stories)

the hungry country mouse dashed towards


immediately when the town mouse called


cousin watch out for the cat


(Kids Stories)

Kids Stories
Kids Stories

the country mouse carried back to the


in the wall where the town mouse’s house


once the cat was gone the country mouse

tried to make its way

to the food again

no no wait for the servants and the

house dog


the country mouse once again rushed back

into the hole in the wall

as it saw a parade of servants followed

by the house dog

come in and clear the table

(Kids Stories)

the country mouse picked up his hat

and bag cousin

i’m very happy for your cozy luxurious

town life

but i am happy in my humble country life

where there may be simple food but at


i can enjoy it at my will and with


and so the country mouse returned to her


no longer feeling envious of her cousin


so you see tofu miss peters might be

offering me

money but i am happy with my life

the way it is oh dear

you are the best you always know the

right thing to do

(Kids Stories)


tia today i’m very happy

i met one of my friends who was acting

all greedy and selfish in class

so i told him the story of the pied


of hamelin and he soon understood the


really tofu

i haven’t heard this one i would love to

hear it from you

the pied piper of hamelin

once upon a time there was a town named


the town was beautiful bustling with


and wealth

(Kids Stories)

but no sooner the happiness of the town

was ruined by a plague

plague of rats

there were rats everywhere

so much so that the people of the town

didn’t even have a place to keep a step

without tripping over the rats

there were rats of every size shape

every age and color

nothing worked as a remedy


not even the cats were able to control

the plague of rats

giving up the authorities decided to

announce a reward of

10 bags of gold to anyone who could

help to get rid of the rats

one day a strange looking man

came to the town he was dressed

in the traditional dress but all red in


with a long peculiar nose and

big wide eyes he adorned his head

with a feather in his hat

he went to the authorities and said

ah i have a solution for your problem

i assure you that not a single

rat would live in this beautiful town

but i want 10 gold bags that you have

promised as prize the authorities were

not very sure

of his commitment but still allowed him

to give it a try as they had no other


soon the strange-looking man took out

a pied piper from his pocket and started


a very strange tune

within no time all the rats started

coming out

and following him

from every nook and corner of the town

so many rats came out

that the whole street was filled with


(Kids Stories)

very strangely the rats started

following the

pied piper who was playing the strangest


ever heard


the pied piper took them to the town’s


and entered into it

in no time all the rats mesmerized by

his tune

fell into the river and drowned

(Kids Stories)

there were rejoices in the town


all over

soon the pied piper went to the

authorities to claim his prize money


but since their work was done and they

thought that

this plague would never return they shun

him off

and asked him to leave without giving

him a single penny

what selfish people are these i did them

a favor

freed them from such a bad epidemic

and all they could care was to be greedy

and ungrateful

now look how i will teach these selfish

people a lesson

the pied piper took out his pipe once


and started playing another strange tune


a tune that no one had ever

heard before


in no time all the children of the town

mesmerized by the music started

following the pie



the children were so lost in his tune

that they didn’t realize that they have

come out

to the outskirts of the town

the piled piper took them to a cave

(Kids Stories)

and let them in

he kept playing the tune till all the

children were inside the cave

he then closed the cave with a huge


only two kids were left in the entire


a boy who was hard of hearing

and a girl who had hurt her legs so


that she couldn’t keep up the pace with

the rest of the kids

these two kids went back


and told their parents about the pied


and how he lowered all the children into

the cave

soon the authorities went begging to the


piper and requested him to let the


out this time they promised to reward


with 20 gold bags

i don’t trust you any longer i want my

prize money beforehand

soon he was handed over his prize money

and he left never to be seen again

the children were freed from the cave

and the parents hugged them and cried

watching this the authorities said we

surely have learnt

a lesson this man came out of nowhere

and saved us from an epidemic

all that we did in return was to be


and ungrateful he surely taught us a


of not to be greedy and selfish

that night the town rejoiced

and celebrated like a festival

it’s still said that in the town of


if you ever go and listen carefully

you might hear the beautiful sound

of the pied piper


tofu i’m so proud of you

you must be a little naughty but you


are a good boy

(Kids Stories)


hey tofu oh hey tia

your friends didn’t stay oh no

they were just talking about how much

fun they had today

pulling ken’s leg ken

isn’t he the new boy who joined school

yes he the smallest amongst all

everybody is taller than him so it is

easy to pick on him

hmm just like the ant is it

the ant yes


the elephant and the ant

once upon a time there lived a huge


in a jungle

(Kids Stories)

because he was so much bigger than all

the other animals

he always troubled them

in the same jungle there lived a family





they were a hard-working family who

always kept to themselves


in the day they would go to gather food


one day as they were going

the big mean elephant threw water on


hey what’s the matter with you

why do you keep troubling others

oh shut up you tiny and

one more word out of you and i will walk

all over you

and kill you the little ant had no

choice it kept quiet and went

on its way


you shouldn’t pick a fight with the


he is very ill-tempered and very

very strong he could crush you


hmm something needs to be done about it

(Kids Stories)

the next day when the ants were going to



the tiny ant decided to teach the


a lesson

she quietly climbed onto the elephant

and made its way to the elephant’s trunk


and entered it


once inside she started biting the



oh that hurts

the elephant tried everything but it


get the ant to stop biting him

or come out of its trunk such a

big elephant became useless in front of

the tiny


please stop ah stop it now


well i hope now you know how others feel

when you hurt them

yes i do please please stop now

very well then and so the ant

stopped biting the elephant and came out

of its trunk

i am sorry i have understood how bad

i made others feel i promise i will


ever do it again

(Kids Stories)

oh oh what tofu


i understand what we were doing wrong

you do yes

we shouldn’t make fun of ken just

because he’s smaller than

us all i’m glad you realized that tofu

yes and i am going to apologize to ken

the first thing tomorrow and get others

to do the same

too thank you tia for teaching me this


what is the matter tofu i

wanted to be the class leader tia

but i didn’t win the poetry contest last


and today i accidentally dropped the

fish bowl and it broke

my teacher had to put the class fish

into plastic bags

and take them home oh

yes i’m sure

i won’t become the class leader now

i’m sure no one in class likes me now

i understand why you feel like that tofu

but don’t lose hope even the worst

situations can lead to something

nice i don’t think that can ever happen


well it happened to the musicians of


musicians of brimmin what happened to



musicians of bremen


once upon a time a man had a donkey

when the donkey grew old and sick

the man decided to kill him and sell his



the donkey understood his master’s plans

and ran away and took the road to bremen

i will go to bremen and become a




on his way he saw an old dog

lying in the grass


donk what are you doing here

i have become so old i cannot gather the

sheep for my master like i used to

so my master beats me

why don’t you come with me to brimming

we will become musicians there

the dog agreed and the two new friends

continued their journey


in some time they came upon a cat

sitting by the road

looking like the skies were about to

come down on him

cat what’s wrong with you

why do you look so sullen

it is my mistress i have grown old

and cannot chase the mice like i used to

so she has planned to get rid of me by

drowning me

in the river oh

that’s not nice i have an idea

the donkey and i are going to briment to

become musicians

why don’t you join us you can sing a

jolly tune too

the cat liked the idea very much and

made his escape

with his two new friends

they had only walked a while when they

came upon

a he was singing

without a stop

what is wrong with you

this is not the off for you to sing

well my mistress is having a big dinner

party over

and she has instructed the cook to cook


for a soup my head will be cut

off this evening so i’m singing till my

neck and throat are intact

is that it we all are going to bremen to

become musicians

why don’t you come with us after all

you already know beats and teams and so

the party set forth on their journey to


which was still very far

as night fell they felt tired and hungry

(Kids Stories)

we must find a spot to eat and rest for

the night

everybody agreed and they decided to

look for a place to spend the night


in some time they came upon a lonely

house its lights were lit

and they could hear the sounds of a


from inside


the cat climbed up a tree and peeped in

from an open window

it is a gang of robbers and they have

delicious bread of meats and drinks

before them

i could use a couple of bones with some

meat right now

and i could with something to drink

my throat is parched

let us find a way to drive the robbers


the four friends huddled together

and at last came up with a plan to drive

the robbers away

the donkey put his front feet on the

ledge of the window

and the dog climbed over his back

the cat climbed on the dog and the

flew on the top of the cat’s head

once they were ready they all

performed their music together


the donkey braid

the dog barked the cat mute

(Kids Stories)

and the cock-a-doodled


the music was so loud that the windows

of the house

shook and threatened to come down

upon the rubbles


the robbers were scared by these



and quickly flee from the house

as soon as they were gone the four


took over the dining table and fed



once they were done they switched off

the lights

and went to sleep

i will sleep on the straw

i will sleep by the door

i will sleep upon the earth by the

warmth of the

fireplace i will sleep

on this beam of the house

soon they all fell asleep

a little away from the house the robbers

watched as the lights of the house went


we shouldn’t have been scared like this

one of you go back in and tell us

what is going on inside the house

and so one of the men made his way back

into the house

the house was so dark and quiet that he

went to the kitchen to strike a light


but he mistook the cat’s shiny eyes for


and put a burning match to them

shocked by the attack the cat jumped on

the rover

and scratched his face

this guard the robber and he ran towards

the back of the door to find a way out

of the house

but in the dark he accidentally stepped

on the dog that bit his leg

all the commotion woke the and he


flying down to land on the robber’s head

and cried


ultimately the donkey kicked him out of

the house with his hind legs

(Kids Stories)

the robber ran to the rest of the gang

chief the house is haunted an evil witch

lives there

she scratched my face

at the door stands a man with a knife he

cut my leg

in the backyard is a monster that hit me

with a club

and on the roofs it’s a judge who

screamed bring the knave up

do hearing this

the robbers got on their horses and left

the house


but everything went so well for the four


that they decided to live in that house

(Kids Stories)


and never made it to bremen

so you see tofu even when you think that

nothing is working out

all you have to do is keep trying and

things will turn around

thanks tia i always feel so much

better after talking to you you’re

always welcome tofu


for your favorite rhymes stories and


Kids Stories

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