Short Stories for Children – 1 Story Of Red Rose, Hen And Cat

Short Stories for Children
Short Stories for Children

Short Stories for Children – Story Of Red Rose, Hen And Cat

once upon a time a red rose bloomed in a garden look at that red rose. it is so beautiful it is just perfect. i wish him when i had a beautiful flower how do you say that everyone has their own good quality it is true i am the most beautiful there is nothing as beautiful as me i don’t know what i am doing in this garden why do you say that because it is the truth look around look at the cactus there so hard and funny in fact i’m going to try and move away from it right now the rose tried a lot but could not move away from the cactus.

you are so proud of yourself but you forget that you have thorns too one day you will learn to appreciate others for what they are it is okay sunflower there is no need to get angry about what the rose says the days went by and summer came. (Short Stories for Children)

Short Stories for Children
Short Stories for Children

it was dry and hot with no sign of rain the rose was the most affected by the lack of water but it often saw birds go to the cactus and dig into it with their beaks .

what are they doing to the cactus the cactus has water stored in its leaves the birds are drinking the water from it doesn’t it hurt it does but cactus doesn’t mind .

i know you are very thirsty maybe you can ask him too humbled by what it had just learned the rose asked the cactus if it could have some water too

i am very thirsty may i please have some water of course why didn’t you ask me earlier you can drink as much as you want the birds will bring it to you in the beaks.

thank you so much the rose’s pride was now broken it accepted the water from the cactus and changed the way he behaved with the other plants you are behaving exactly like the rose plant.(Short Stories for Children)

that is fooled by its excessive pride ah yes tia i understand now i am extremely sorry i did not realize that i will change the way i behave thanks tofu.

Short Stories for Children – Moral Stories and Bedtime Stories For Kids

hey tia where are you everybody has left i was waiting for you i’m sorry tofu there was something that i needed to take care of at school what happened .

some mean kids are being unfair to my friend gemma i found out that they’ve planned to trick her into doing all the work and take the credit for it oh that’s so bad .

what will jemma do now oh well thankfully gemma is a smart girl she’s like the little red hen what did you just call gemma a hen oh tofu haven’t you heard .

the story of the little red hen no but it sounds so interesting tell me tia tell me please (Short Stories for Children) okay.

once upon a time a little red hen lived on a farm with a lazy dog a sleepy cat and a noisy yellow duck hey guys look i found some seeds let’s go and plant them .

Short Stories for Children
Short Stories for Children

who will help me not i not i not i so the little red hen went and planted the seeds by herself when the seeds had grown into wheat crop the hen asked her friends .

the seeds have grown who will help me harvest the crop not i not i not i (Short Stories for Children) so the little red hen went and harvested the crop by herself .

the wheat needed to be taken to the milland ground into flour the wheat is heavy who will help me take it to the mill and grind it into flour not i not i not i .

so the little red hen carried the heavy wheat to the flourmill by herself she alone grinded it into flour filled it into a sack and brought it back to the farm friends.

i’m very tired who will help me bake the bread not i not i not i the poor tired hen baked all the bread by herself once she was done she asked yet again the bread smells so great.

who will help me eat it (Short Stories for Children) i will i will i will no way i will eat all this delicious bread by myself and so the little red hen ate all the bread by herself .

and enjoyed it completely what a clever hen wasn’t she that’s how you should be you shouldn’t be afraid of anyone and should always stand up for yourself i agree.

i hope gemma knows the story and will do the right thing trust me she will yay i’ve won again tia wow tofu you’ve really become good at this game do you want to play one more.

round with me the winner gets the loser’s share of mom’s special pie mom (Short Stories for Children) tofu look at the time we’ve not completed any of her chores oh don’t worry about.

it tia it’s a sunday we’ll just tell mom that we forgot but we remember now we should do it now um do we have to mom won’t know tofu are you suggesting that we should lie to mom.

and who will lie to her that’s the worst idea you’ve ever had tofu and you’re talking like the little mouse uh the little who belling the cat that’s a story that i want to tell you in this context.

once upon a time the many mice that lived in his store troubled a grosser these mice are spoiling everything today they pierced holes in the grain bags oh dear what should we do i don’t know if the villagers find out.

they will stop coming to the store and buying things from me oh no what will we do then our business will be disrupted entirely i agree oh i have an idea why don’t you get a cat for the star.

a good strong cat will eat the mice away quickly and new mice will be afraid to enter the store out of her fear (Short Stories for Children) that’s a brilliant idea.

i will get one first thing tomorrow the next morning the grocer went and got a big strong cat for his store just as his wife had said she bounced at the first sight of mice .

the mice were taken by surprise our brothers have been attacked and eaten up by this cat that the grocer has brought we all should be careful from now on as the days passed.

the movement of the mice became restricted they always lived in fear of the cat and were unable to get food and supplies for their families from the store if any of them ventured out the cat ate them this distressed .

the mice very muchthey made many plans to avoid  and escape the cat but failed miserably we are losing out our brothers and sisters to this cat something must be done.

i have a simple plan but i’m sure it will be successful we just have to put a bell around the cat’s neck every time the cat will move we will hear the bell ring first this will give us .

enough time to escape her that’s a very good idea good thinking brother we should arrange a bell immediately yes i agree this is a very good plan but i have just one question.

who will build the cat suddenly they fell a hush over the excited mice because none of them had the answer to the question none had the courage to risk his own life to bell the cat.

and so it remained that the cat was never belt (Short Stories for Children) so you see tofu it is one thing to just give out ideas and another to actually go ahead .

and do as you’ve said yes tia i am ashamed of what i suggested i said it without considering whether it was right or wrong and possible or impossible.

come let’s go and finish off the chores i’m glad you understood that tofu now let’s start with putting for your favorite rhymes stories and more .

(Short Stories for Children)

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