Stories Of Mouse For Kids -20 Short Moral Stories

Stories Of Mouse For Kids
Stories Of Mouse For Kids

Stories Of Mouse For Kids -20 Short Moral Stories

tofu i think you should help the poor dog why tia wait i’ll explain this to you through a story the lion and the mouse. one day a lion was sleeping in his den .a mouse was also playing nearby little mouse began running up and down upon him this soon awakened the lion angry at the little mouse the lion caught the mouse and said you little mouse how dare you wake me.

i will kill you the mouse was frightened and prayed to the lion pardon no king please do not kill me i am a little creature please let me go and i will do you a good return one day inspiring my life.

Stories Of Mouse For Kids
Stories Of Mouse For Kids

the lion was rather amused to hear this

thinking what good can he do to me

but let him go

(Stories Of Mouse For Kids)

a few days after the lion was walking in

a jungle

he found himself caught in a hunter’s

net he roared and rolled to get out of

the net

but he failed

the lion was pleading for help

help me help me


the mouse whose life was saved by the


heard the roar and ran to the lion and


don’t worry my friend i will save you

the mouse gathered all his friends and

told them

(Stories Of Mouse For Kids)

we all have to help my friend and set

him free


the mouse and his friends cut through

the net and

set the lion free

the lion escaped and thanked the mouse

and from that day they became the best

of friends

like the little mouse and lion had


friends and in the end helped each other

you should help this dog too

because a friend in need is a friend

(Stories Of Mouse For Kids)


congratulations tia

i heard a librarian miss peters has

asked you to help her in the library

after school every day

instead of just the weekend

and i hear you will get paid for it also

thanks tofu but i have politely declined

her generous offer

why tia think of

all the money you will get

you won’t have to rely upon the pocket

money that mom and dad give you

you can buy so many things with so much

money tia

yes that’s true tofu

but if i spend so much time at the

library daily

i won’t have time to study or spend with


nobody makes a decision like that tia

well maybe i am like the country mouse

what did the country mouse do

let me tell you

(Stories Of Mouse For Kids)

once a town mouse visited his cousin

a country mouse for lunch

welcome cousin it is so good to see you

they enjoyed a simple meal of fresh


weed stock and refreshing cold water

(Stories Of Mouse For Kids)

after that the mice sat for hours and

told each other

stories from their lives

when it was night time they slept under

the starry sky

and were awakened by the gentle warmth

of the morning sun

they continued talking over breakfast

till it was time

for the town mouse to leave cousin

thank you for the lovely time why

don’t you come with me and spend time in

the town with me

the country mouse was so impressed

with the stories she had heard of the


in the town that she readily agreed

and left with her cousin


by the time they reached the town

mouse’s house

in the town it was afternoon

and they were both very hungry

the country mouse smelled lovely aroma

of the food left over in the dining room

where humans had just finished their


(Stories Of Mouse For Kids)

the hungry country mouse dashed towards


immediately when the town mouse called


cousin watch out for the cat

[Music] [Music]

the meow mouse carried back to the hole

in the wall where the town mouse’s house


once the cat was gone the country mouse

tried to make its way to the food again

no no wait for the servants and the

house dog


the country mouse once again rushed back

into the hole in the wall

as it saw a parade of servants

followed by the house dog come in and

clear the table

the country mouse picked up his hat

and bag cousin

i am very happy for your cozy luxurious

town life

but i am happy in my humble country life

where there may be simple food but at

least i can enjoy it

at my will and with security

and so the country mouse returned to her


no longer feeling envious of her cousin

(Stories Of Mouse For Kids)

so you see tofu miss peters might be

offering me money

but i am happy with my life the way it

is oh tia you are the best

you always know the right thing to do


tofu what in the world are you trying to


i am trying to pluck those juicy fruits

from this tree

but do you think you will be able to

plug them

they are so high oh

i wish i could fly and pluck those


i so wish i had wings

wish is not bad but one should be

conscious about the consequences

come i’ll tell you a story


the tortoise and the eagle


a young tortoise was lazing around the


looking at the birds flying in the sky


he stared at them and started thinking

out aloud

i wish i could fly like those birds

up high in the sky and watch the

beautiful sceneries and beauty of the


from top of the world oh i

so wish that nearby an

eagle was sitting on a stone listening

to what the tortoise was thinking out


and couldn’t resist but ask why do you

want to fly

you should be happy with what you are

gifted with

i wish i could fly with no trouble of

crawling on the ground

so say that you want to fly because you

don’t want to crawl

not because you wish to see the world

from the sky

anyway what will i get in return for

making you fly in the sky

i’ll give you the riches of gold from

the red sea

the eagle grabbed the tortoise in its


and sawed up high in the sky

(Stories Of Mouse For Kids)

making him see all the beautiful

sceneries of the world


flying higher in the clouds and closer

to the stars

it was indeed a mesmerizing moment for

the tortoise


while the eagle was flying over the


the rest of the tortoise were basking in

the sun

suddenly the tortoise flying high up in

the sky

said i wish my friends could watch me


so high in the sky i am sure

they would get jealous watching me

what why would you want your friends to

get jealous of you

i want them to see that i can fly and

they cannot

it’s such a nice feeling what an

evil friend this tortoise is thought the


with this the eagle dropped him on the


and asked for his treasure now give me

my reward

there is no reward i was just

kidding about the gold so that you could

take me for a ride

and with this the tortoise left

the eagle couldn’t tolerate his insult

and decided to teach him a lesson

(Stories Of Mouse For Kids)

so the next day the eagle went to the


and said hey would you like to go for a

sky ride again

yes sure i would love to

the eagle once again picked him up and

clenched him in his claws

the tortoise while enjoying the ride

said to the eagle

why did you bring me again for the ride

even though i dishonored my promise of

rewarding you

that’s because tortoise you wish to make

your friends jealous

but at my cost and now i’ll let you

enjoy the free fall

the eagle lets his claws loose

and the tortoise went falling down

screaming for help and flying no longer

he crashed on the ground with a thud

thanks to his shell he didn’t get


soon his old friend surrounded him and


hey our young friend you wanted to see

the world from

high up in the sky to dream big

is not a sin but to dream it

at the cost of others is just not


i have learnt my lesson now i should be

thankful to god for what i am blessed


it was my shell only that saved my life

i should be happy with what i have and

also should not use others for my

selfish reasons

i surely have learned my lesson

tia now i know what you are trying to


i learned to listen too one should think

about the consequences

before one wishes for something

i should be happy with what i am blessed


i should rather look for an alternative

to pluck those fruits wait

i’ll get a ladder

tofu you learn things quite fast

for your favorite rhymes stories and more.

(Stories Of Mouse For Kids)

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