Story Of Sick Lion Fox and Golden Eggs- Bedtime Stories For Kids

Story Of Sick Lion Fox & Golden Eggs

Story Of Sick Lion Fox and Golden Eggs – kids story

i’ll tell you an interesting story the fox and the sick lion .once upon a time there lived a lion in the forest as the lion was growing old he was unable to hunt for his food .he thought that without food he would die of starvation so the lion thought of a plan.(Story Of Sick Lion Fox and Golden Eggs)

he decided to lie down in the cave and pretend that he is ill and whosoever will come to meet him will become his prey being the king of the jungle the lion announced .

Story Of Sick Lion Fox and Golden Eggs
Story Of Sick Lion Fox and Golden Eggs

he was sick and summoned the animals to come

and hear his last will

the lion put his sinful plan to practice

and it started working poor animals

didn’t know

about his wicked plan and fell into his


many of his well-wishers got killed

[Music] [Music]

one day a fox came to visit the sick


the fox was clever and discovered the


he stood on the outside of the cave at a

respectful distance

and asked how are you sir

i am not feeling well at all

but why don’t you come inside to meet me

no thank you sir i noticed that there

are many prince of feet

entering your cave but i see no trace of

any returning still

if i come inside i would be a fool

and the fox saved his life and informed

other animals too

(Story Of Sick Lion Fox and Golden Eggs)


so tofu the moral of the story is you

should never

trust a fake person

[Music] [Applause]

tia i’m really hungry what’s for

lunch come tofu mom has made your

favorite meal today

my favorite yum

oh dear something got stuck in my throat

how many times have i told you not to

eat in such a hurry

but i was hungry tia


you need to listen to this story the

goose that laid golden

eggs once upon a time

in a village there lived a poor farmer

with his wife

(Story Of Sick Lion Fox and Golden Eggs)

they had nothing but a little farm

where they grew vegetables that they

could eat

however he managed to save a little


each time he sold vegetables from his


eventually he saved up enough money to

buy a goose

he took it home and made a nest for it

to lay eggs

the goose will produce eggs which he

could use

for selling eating and making bread

thought the farmer the next morning

when he went to gather some eggs for his


he lifted the goose and to his surprise

the goose had laid a golden egg the next

morning he found another egg and the


and the next


slowly and steadily the farmer and his

wife were becoming richer

and richer

just think if we could have all the

golden eggs that are

inside the goose we could be richer much



you’re right we wouldn’t have to wait

for the goose to lay her egg every day


so the couple killed the goose and cut



(Story Of Sick Lion Fox and Golden Eggs)

only to find that she was just like

every other goose

[Music] [Applause]

she had no golden eggs inside of her at

all and they had no more golden eggs

alas now the farmer and his wife

had lost the goose and they would never


any golden eggs again

so tofu just like the couple suffered

because they were greedy you should be

careful too

because too much greed always leads to

great loss

oh got it tia i’ll be careful next time

these cookies are so yum i can eat them


tofu have you ever imagined what if

these cookies become alive

alive this reminds me of a story

the gingerbread man

long ago there lived an old couple

(Story Of Sick Lion Fox and Golden Eggs)

one day the old woman cooked a

gingerbread cookie

in the shape of a man


as soon as the gingerbread man was


he jumped out of the tin and ran out of

the open window

shouting don’t eat me

he ran away as fast as he could

the old couple tried to chase the

gingerbread man

but he was too fast for them

soon a hungry pig

saw the gingerbread man and said stop

i would like to eat you

he too joined the chase

the gingerbread man was too fast and


you can’t catch me i am the gingerbread


a man further a hungry cow saw the

gingerbread man and said

stop i would like to eat you


she too joined the chase

you can’t catch me i’m the gingerbread


next he met a horse

the horse too joined the chase

(Story Of Sick Lion Fox and Golden Eggs)

finally the gingerbread man came to a


and stopped as the river could make him

soggy a clever

fox came by and wanted to eat him up

but he pretended to be nice and offered


to the gingerbread man he asked the

gingerbread man

to climb on his head so that he could

take him

across the river the gingerbread man was

so scared of

water that he agreed


as soon as they reached the other side

the fox tossed up the gingerbread man

in the air he opened his mouth and

ate him up that was the end of the

gingerbread man

i don’t want my cookies alive and get

eaten by a wolf


enjoy your cookies tofu

(Story Of Sick Lion Fox and Golden Eggs)

[Applause] [Music]

i just don’t feel like studying let’s go

out and play

tofu exams are just around the corner

don’t you think we should prepare for

them first and then

play but dear they are still two months


we can enjoy now and study later what if

we are not

able to study then because of some

uncertain circumstances

why what would happen then

you never know what tomorrow has in

store for you tofu

so one should always be prepared for


wait i have a little story to tell you

and this would cheer you up too the ant

and the grasshopper











why are you working so hard

the almighty has provided us with food

on every tree out here

why work so much

just eat and relax and have

fun like the way i am doing

stop working like those dumb ants

come on let’s play together and feast on

the food

(Story Of Sick Lion Fox and Golden Eggs)


mr grasshopper the food that you’re

enjoying today

will not last for long please realize


well where is so much food gonna go

sure it’s gonna be here forever once the


ripe you will know how difficult it

would get

to gather food so save today

so that we don’t starve in winters

oh winters have long time to come

till then let’s all play and dance and

feast on food





i feel hungry and helpless and tired

i haven’t eaten anything in days

did the grasshopper die of hunger

oh my god he should have listened to the

queen ant

come on tia tell me what happened next

(Story Of Sick Lion Fox and Golden Eggs)

are you feeling better yes

i am thanks for all the help and i think

i have a lesson to learn now

had i listened to you back then i

wouldn’t be so miserably homeless and

hungry now

the grasshopper learnt a lesson the hard


yes tofu but do you know what lesson he


yes work today and you can read the

benefits tomorrow you are intelligent


now let’s study today and reap benefits

of a hard work tomorrow

(Story Of Sick Lion Fox and Golden Eggs)

tofu were you eating those cookies that

mom had

asked you to have only after dinner no

tia i wasn’t i just came in the kitchen

to drink



tofu do you know something a lie is not


how tia come i have a moral to teach you


the boy who cried wolf once upon a time

there lived a shepherd boy

who took care of the sheep in the


he was very dedicated to his work

every day he used to take the herd of


to the top of the hill and bring them

down by evening

but one day he felt really bored

(Story Of Sick Lion Fox and Golden Eggs)

i am feeling so bored all the villagers

work together

but here i am all alone taking care of

the sheep

and no one else to talk to what should i


suddenly he had an idea a wicked one


he went over the edge of the hill

and started shouting help

help there is a wolf he is gonna

eat all our sheep help

hearing the boy cry out for help

all the villagers came to the top of the


to save the sheep but reaching there

all they could see were calm sheep

crazing the grassland

you silly boy where is the wolf

why did you cry out for help

the villagers were very angry and left

the place

cursing the shepherd boy

this was so much fun

(Story Of Sick Lion Fox and Golden Eggs)

next day the shepherd boy was back again

to the routine of taking the sheep for


and yet again he found himself


bored let’s try that prank again

the boy again went to the hilltop and

started shouting

hey there is a wolf he’s gonna

eat all our sheep help

once again the villagers after hearing

the boy

cry out for help ran to save the sheep

but once again came back after being

fooled by the boy this is not right

you would have to pay for this one day

with no regrets on his face the shepherd


went back to his sheep

one day when he was lying under the tree

while his sheep were grazing he saw some


running here and there after looking


he saw a wolf approaching the herd

the boy suddenly ran to the edge of the


and started screaming for help

hell help there is a world for real this


he’s gonna eat all our sheep heck

please help this time

the villagers didn’t pay any heed to the

boy screaming

let’s leave him this time two he might

be playing a prank

on us the boy kept on crying for help

but no one turned up this time

all he could do was stand there and

watch his

sheep getting killed by the wolf

oh i should have not played that prank

with the villagers

nobody believed me when the wolf

actually turned up

what should i do now i have lost all my


the shepherd boy was never trusted ever

by anyone i am sorry tia

i did lie about those cookies and now

i learn to listen too liars

are not believed even when they speak

the truth

i won’t ever lie again good tofu

you are a good boy


for your favorite rhymes stories and more.

(Story Of Sick Lion Fox and Golden Eggs)

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